ABSI Homework Page!!

Welcome to our homework page!  We hope you find many ideas of for home program and practice!

Articulation (Speech Sounds): 

  • Mommy Speech Therapy:  This site has worksheets for individual sounds (including consonants and vowels) at the beginning, middle, and end of the word. The site also has sentence practice sheets as well.
  • Heatherspeechtherapy:  Great sight that has articulation practice worksheets beginning at the syllable level and progressing to the phrase level.  
  • Testyyettrying:   This sight has card sets and games.
  • Speech-Language-therapy.com: Lots of worksheets by sound/phoneme.
  • Carlee Oliver SLP: Word and Sentence Practice. This site also has Minimal Pairs (2 words that sound very similar to practice articulation accuracy).
  • Elena Marie SLP:  Look on the right side bar and scroll down the page to find the worksheet/practice activities.
  • Ms. Lane's SLP:  Articulation worksheets and games. 

Auditory Processing (Listening):  

  • Speaking of Speech:  This site has information about Auditory Processing, discrimination activities, rhymes, multi-step directions, and fun bingo games.
  • Education.com: Suggestions on fun games to use to build Auditory Memory and Auditory Sequencing.
  • Leeds Community Healthcare:  Suggestions for fun activities that address Auditory Processing.
  • Inner Pieces Gallery:  Word Lists, multi-step directions, and fun Auditory Memory games.

Augmentative Communication (Communicating with symbols):

(Alternate methods of communication without (or with) verbalization):

Executive Functioning (Working Memory, Sequencing, Problem Solving, etc:

  • NClD: Great information about Executive Functioning and strategies to practice and employ.
  • Great Schools.org:  Great explanation of Executive Functioning, components of, and strategies to address areas of challenge.
  • Jill Kuzma: Homework planning sheet.
  • Jill Kuzma: Transitions
  • Smart Apps for Special Needs:  Suggestions for apps to help students organize, problem-solve, plan, etc.
  • wsdbestpracticies:  Several recommendations on various aspects of Executive Functioning.  (Promoting Executive Functioning in the classroom)
  • nspt4kids: Suggestions of how to incorporate activities requiring executive functioning at home.
  • OzarkSpeechie:  Great breakdown of skill set and specific types of activities and tasks to use to address Executive Functioning difficulties.

Fluency (Stuttering):

  • Speaking Freely Student Workbook:  Very specific methods to address Dysfluency.  Follow the recommendations of your Speech-Language Pathologist to know what aspects of this document to use.
  • FluencyFriday: Strategies and games for easy speech beginning with the single word all the way to conversation.
  • FluencyFriday-Adolescents: Specific tasks to rehearse fluency (ie. phone use, visualization, etc).
  • mnsu: Very specific information for parents, educators, and SLP's.
  • Speech Anchor Charts: This a free download, but has great information.

Hearing Impairment (Aural Rehabilitation):

Language (Using words, grammer, syntax, parts of language):

  • Heatherspeechtherapy:  Scroll down to the Grammar worksheets and the vocabulary worksheets.  Pronouns, past tense verbing, seasonal vocabulary and games.
  • Free Language Stuff:  Lots of worksheets here focusing on:  adjectives, adverbs, antonyms/synonyms, attributes (parts and functions), categories, Comparatives, Compound/Complex sentences, Conjunctions, Following Directions, Helping verbs, Idioms, Irregular Past tense verbing, Multiple meaning words, Negatives, Pronouns, Questions, Similarities/Differences, Verbs/Tense.
  • Conjunctions: Chart showing Main Clause and Subordinating Clause.
  • Pronoun sheet:  Phrase chart with symbols to identify he/she
  • SLPlessons: Lots of information:  Vocabulary, Antonym/Synonym, and multi-meaning words.
  • Prepositions:  Word like in, out, on, off etc.  Lots of worksheets
  • Prepositions: Worksheets
  • Calendar Activities:  Templates, information on days, weeks, months, etc

Language Comprehension (Main Idea, Details, Prediction, Infering information):

Social Pragmatics (Social Skills):